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AussieassignmentStudents studying in Australia based colleges undergo tough criteria while trying to ensure that they perform well. It is a must that each student scores 80% in class attendance, failure to which they might be forced to drop the course.  It is therefore difficult for them to balance between completion of assignments and class attendance. This is because of time constraint as they have too much to cover within a limited timeline. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a qualified assignment help based in Australia.

At AussieAssignment you can request for help with your assignments. The services are offered by the essay writers in Australia.  Click the link provided here to find out more about AussieAssignment.

William: I don’t like Writing and so I settled on hiring a writer at AussieAssignment. The work submitted turned out to be a waste of my money. I just had to discuss with my supervisor to extend the deadline.

The Services Offered by Aussie Assignment Helpers

The information found on the website shows that the company offers the following services.

  • Original Content
  • 275 Words per page
  • Timely Delivery
  • A Writing Team
  • Money Back Assurance
  • 24/7 Customer support

Website Design and Ease of Use

The most basic factor that a company should consider is the ease of use of its website. Not all clients visiting your website have the required technical expertise. Therefore, it is important to make sure a website is easy to use. The web pages load and from the look, the pages are easy to navigate. However, there are some mistakes that you will easily notice. Basically, there is notably missing components that should have been included in various pages. The missing details might leave the first-time visitor confused and make it not easy to understand the services.

To begin with, the services description page doesn’t give a proper detail of the services the company offers. Instead, they just list three services without defining what these services cover in detail. For a person visiting the website for the first time, it is very difficult to understand what these services entail.

When we opened the pricing page, we found out that there are some services which are not listed on the services page. Therefore you have to go to the price computation page to check the services offered.

Another mistake that is seen on the page is that you will not know the education level for which help is available. Normally, for the academic assignment help, it is common practice to have the services categorized under the academic level. In this website, you might not be able to tell whether the Aussie Assignment help company offers assistance for undergraduate or high school students.

The price plan page also lacks proper detailing of the services and the price ranges. A visitor expects to find various services listed and price tags included along with the services. Instead, what is displayed is a price calculator and one has to select the service and define the specifications for the price to be computed.   This is much more technical since not all people will have the knowledge of how to use this page view.

Services Offered

As mentioned above, the services offered are not clearly defined. We noticed that Aussie writers offer assignment help, sell assignments online, and they also offer do my assignment services. You have to visit the Price plan page for a list of other services that the company offers. Once you visit the price computation page check under the drop-down menu to search for the service that you want. If you just want to see a list of services offered, it is, therefore, a must that you go to the pricing page.

Services pricing and Discounts

We tried to check for service price tags, but we could not easily find the information. We were forced to go to the price plan page and compute for the services to get a picture of the pricing. For instance, for a term paper of one page, you are charged different prices depending on the urgency of the paper. Basically, the prices are computed based on the paper quality, the urgency of the paper, the spacing you prefer to be used, the number of pages, and the service type you are seeking.

On the home page, there is a message illustrating that the company offers a 15 % discount off your first order. This is the only information we found and if you click on the message you are not re-directed to make the order. Therefore, you have to take note of the discount code displayed on the webpage while placing an order.

Service Quality

There is limited information that is displayed on the website. We checked the testimonials and we had a feeling that these were selected for website construction purposes. So, we hired a writer from AU.Aussie to write a term paper to get a feel for the services offered. To our surprise, the assignment was presented to us promptly but we had to correct several mistakes that we noticed. The writer didn’t follow all the instructions we gave.  We then noticed the following comment from a client.


A good writing website will submit high-quality papers. Therefore, before you hire, check out the experience from other past clients. Any negative comments should be a warning to you.


Date published: 13/02/2019
5.7 / 10 stars