AustralianAssignmentsHelp Review

As the name suggests, Australian Assignments help is a company specializing in offering students help with their academic work. Balancing between social life and assignments can be challenging sometimes. Therefore, this website is meant to make the work easier for students in Australian colleges and universities. Another challenge that students face is submitting assignments as per the academic guidelines. This is not a simple task as you have to commit all the attention to assignment writing.

With this challenge at hand, students prefer to seek assignment help from the writers who are available on this website. We took our time to review the website and here is a summary of what we found out. Click on the link provided to read more about the company.

James: We submitted a Math’s assignment but there was a mix up when the writer was submitting the work to us. We got someone else’s assignment and not what we sent to them. On contacting the writer, there was no response until after two days. The experience was frustrating.

The Unique Services Offered by the Writers at Australian Assignments Help

  1. Unlimited revisions
  2. Discounts on first order
  3. Pocket-friendly prices
  4. On-call support
  5. Writing services for D. and Masters students

Website Design and Ease of Use

A website is an integral part of any company offering online services. Above all, the site needs to be user-friendly for the clients to hire you. This is why we devoted our time to check out this Australian assignment help website. Our reviewers found out that the website assumes a simple design. This is mostly so as to ensure the clients have an easy time to hire the services.

However, we can’t say the website is easy to use. A website that is easy to use is one where all the information necessary can be found easily. We might be right to assume that because this is a writer’s website, this is why the web content looks like a research paper. You have to put on your reading glasses to peruse through the pages to find the information that would make you hire the company. Basically, the website has lengthy paragraphs which leave a poor appeal to the eyes of the viewer.  To be fair, it just looks like a textbook! As such, it is not as easy to use as might seem especially on your first visit.

The assignment helper`s site is not filled with media. This might be great because the website can lender well on mobile devices. However, this makes the website boring to visitors. Browsers want to see images and watch videos to enjoy the time spent checking out your website. This is not the case with the Aussie assignment help website.

Services Offered

According to the services page, the company only offers help with assignments. In fact, by just looking at the “services” page you notice the only services offered include Assignment provider, assignment help Melbourne, Assignment help Sydney, Do my Assignment and Assignment maker services.

However, while trying to check the price for assignment help, we realized the company might be offering several other services. Therefore, the services displayed on the Services tab are not complete and so we couldn’t rely on the information. We had to proceed to the Prices computation page to find out the services Aussie academic help site offers.

We also expected that the services would be described under one page and the information for each service availed when you click on the links provided. There wasn’t a general description of the services by the time we checked for this. Therefore, our clue had to check individual services to conclude on the services quality.

It wasn’t clear to us the academic level that the company offers writing services. We had to read line by line under the services description to find out that the company offers help to students at masters, and Ph.D. level.

Pricing and Discounts

If you want to find the price charged per services offered, don’t look for this information on the services page. Instead, you have to populate the form offered on the prices page so as to get a feel for the service prices. This might be tedious but it is the only shortcut at least for now if you have to hire the writers.

On the discounts offered, we found a banner on the website indicating that you can get discounts when you order for the services. According to the text displayed on the banner, there is a 25% percent discount for each order. However, there is no link to the advert for us to find more information on the discounts offered.

Quality of Services

Testimonials are hidden at the bottom of the page and fly in and out. There is no link to testimonials page and so we can’t tell what the past experience was like clearly. Basically, we had to hire a writer so as to have a feel for the services they offer. Our order was for a science assignment that we needed to be delivered within two hours. Our expectations on the deadline were not met and so we missed the submission deadline. We also read some reviews from past clients and this comment (see below) caught our attention.

Support Services

The chat support was offline by the time we were reviewing the site. However, there is an email and a telephone line displayed on the topmost part of the website.


Don’t just trust anyone with your assignment. The writer might mess your academic grades. Therefore read reviews on the writers you want to hire before making a commitment.

Date published: 13/02/2019
5.9 / 10 stars