Review is an Assignment and essay writing help services provider for ordinary Australian students. The Aussie writing service provider offers students cheap writing services to help those pursuing different university and college courses. The truth is that Australian students are often overwhelmed by the number of assignments. On the other side, they must attend all classes before they are allowed to graduate.

The little time left doesn’t allow completion of assignments and therefore seeking a writer top assist is worth it. Aussie writing is one of the alternative websites where you can seek help. We reviewed the website and observed the following about the writing services company. Click this link to find out what we found out.

Suzzane: I assigned the first project and the results were not good at all. I had to figure out an alternative within the short time left before the due date for the project submission. Disappointed!

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Website Design and Ease of Use

The website loads well on various browsers. However, we picked several issues to do with the design of the website. Number one issue that we noted is that the website is not easy to use. There is no clear display of the services that the company offers. To find the services offered, you just have one option which starts the process of placing an order. Then from the drop-down menu, you have to be keen to see the service that you are seeking.  Note that if you don’t observe the listed services keenly, you will easily pass the service you are looking for.

The other item that we noted is missing on the site is the pricing plan. Normally, we would expect that you should be able to see the pricing easily on the website home page. However, at, you have to log on to see the pricing. Therefore, it is not easy to see whether you can afford their services or not unless you create an account and log on. Even with the login, you have to start the ordering process to get a quote for the service you are seeking. Therefore, if you are just checking out for the best service provider, you have got to give your details to get a glimpse of the pricing.

The third issue we sighted is a poor choice of website image on the home page. Well, the image resembles an old man who looks tired and has run out of ideas. This is not a very good image to use especially when you are advertising services that need a brilliant mind like writing thesis or research paper.

The Services Offered

I must say that we spent over ten minutes searching the website for services they offer. All we knew is that it was an assignment writing site because the URL suggests so. Basically, the services page is not included on the website. You have to use the form filling menu to see the list of the services the company offers.

We noted that there is a short list of services offered. These services are listed in the drop-down menu. Our assumption was that the list exhausted all the services offered by the company. Notably, they don’t offer editing service which might be one of the most sought-after services.

There is no description of the services once you select the service. Our conclusion was that without a proper service description it becomes difficult to be sure you selected the right service. Therefore, one might need to write an email or use the chat support option to clarify the service that you are looking for. This is for the purpose of clear understanding between the service provider and the client.

Pricing and Service Discounts

Just like we indicated earlier, we didn’t see any price plan page on the website. All we saw regarding the cost of service is that the site charges $18 per page. We were also keen to observe that the company accepts MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, and Visa as payment plans. However, we couldn’t figure out how much is charged per service.

Basically, it is not clear how you place an order for the different services that the assignment help site offers. On discounts and special offers, we didn’t see any listed on the website. Therefore, we were not sure if there are any special discounts that the company offers.

The Quality of Services

From the website, we could only see figures illustrating the number of projects completed by writers. We could not tell if these projects were successfully completed or not. We, therefore, undertook a commitment to hire one of the writers to complete our Research paper. W3e felt that the paper was rushed through and not well researched. We then came across one of the comments from past clients. Here is what the client had to say.

User Support

The website provides a 24/7 customer service.


Based on the above findings, you can now determine whether to place an order with any one of the writers. The bottom line is that a poorly researched project will score low marks or possibly be rejected.


Date published: 13/02/2019
6.1 / 10 stars