EssayTrophy Review

EssaytrophyEssaytrophy is a writer’s platform that offers written content to their clients. The website offers essay writers to assist students in completing their assignments. The company receives orders from clients and helps them in any way to make sure they submit assignments.  Clients from across the world are invited to ask for assistance from the company.

We took time to review the website and the services that the company offers. This is so as to keep you informed of what you will be met with if hiring the essay writers found here. Click this link to read more information about EssayTrophy.

Julius: I will never hire a writer from EssayTrophy since the essay that was submitted did not meet the quality I had expected!

Services Offered

The website indicated that the following services are offered by the consultants:

  1. Online essay help
  2. Writers to work on your orders
  3. Content for orders
  4. Private consultation
  5. Communication with writers
  6. Support services
  7. Plagiarism report
  8. Discounts on orders
  9. Amendments on written assignments
  10. Referencing of assignments
  11. Introduction page
  12. Suggestions of topics for your work

Website Design and Ease of Use

We noticed that the website is fairly designed althou8gh we could point out some shortfalls. To begin with, the website has a lot of written literature. You have to read through every paragraph to find out what the company offers in detail. Instead of summarizing each page and posting less content for simplicity of reading, the designers have written several paragraphs making the pages look like essays. A simplified home page would be better for first-time visitors.

We can say that the color choice on the website is fair but the website lacks banners which would be better to display the services offered. Instead, we have lengthy paragraphs on the “about us” page. It is only fair if we say that the page designer might have been practicing to write an essay.  If this is the case, there is room for improvement still. The information shared on the “about us” page is also out of place as 5there is mixed content. The details on how to place an order are repeated on this page even though they are given on the homepage.

On the services page, we couldn’t figure out if the buy essay service as illustrated under the “our services” page is offered or not when we first opened the page. This is because when we clicked on the link to find out about the service, we first got mixed information on the page. We expected to find information on how the essay writing company sells essays on the topmost part of the page. Instead, the page first appears misplaced because it is a continuation of “About Us page”. It is easy for a first time visitor to quickly close the page because the landing page doesn’t display the information as expected.

Services Offered

From “our Services” tab we realized that the essay consultants at EssayTrophy only offer to buy essay, and write my essay services. To our surprise, we found other services listed under the prices tab. These include movie review, research proposal writing, dissertation writing, and several others. It is still not clear to us whether these services are offered by the company or not.  This is because they are not indicated on the services page. We, therefore, assumed they might be listed by mistake. For instance, we could not tell whether the writers offer essay editing or not because editing service is not found on the services page.

Discounts and Services Pricing

We found out that there is a discounted rate for the first time buyers. This is redeemed when you are ordering the services. The pricing model is structured such that the prices depend on various parameters. You have to calculate the price based on the product that you are buying from the company. Secondly, the number of pages that you want to be written will affect the price as well as the spacing or number of words you need per page.

A first-time visitor who is not experienced when it comes to the technical bit of web design might feel lost after landing on the pricing page. This is because there is no instruction on how to calculate the price. The price computation process is a bit technical. This is because you have to select services from the drop-down menu. Then you define the number of pages for your thesis and also select appropriate pricing.

We felt it could be easier if the services had a price tag attached to the services. There is just a bold text written “Prices” and without price tags, for the listed services we found on the “Services” page.

Quality of Services

We could not tell how good the services offered are since apart from the testimonials given, we couldn’t browse individual profiles to tell a good writer. Therefore, we decided to hire a writer through the website. We placed our order and when it was submitted we couldn’t read it to half of the page. This is because of the poor sentence structure and grammatical errors.

We researched further to find the past experience of clients who had worked with EssayTrophy and we stumbled upon this comment.


Essay writing or any assignment writing consultant should be thoroughly vetted and not hired randomly. This is so that you can be assured of high-quality submission.

Date published: 13/02/2019
4.7 / 10 stars