Nowadays, there aren’t many websites that sell papers and enjoy a good reputation among their target audience – students. Many companies fail students and don’t meet their expectations, which is why when we come across a writing service that students enjoy buying from, we instantly get a desire to see what the fuss is all about.

That’s the first and biggest reason why we chose to write a review. Looking at the never-ending list of MyAssignmentWriting reviews from students who order from the company gave us the impression that the company is a trustworthy paper source. Let’s find out more.

Idrak: is the favorite service for me. They are fast and cheap. It’s the best combination for a student.

Mendy: My Assignment Writing is a good service. They never miss a deadline and write fine papers.

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Site view and usability

Just by looking at the website, you can see that this isn’t a scam service. Visitors can be assured that it’s legit because of the guarantees, excellent feedback, and the non-stop support and detailed information about the company.

In addition to this, is also a very fast-loading site filled with useful information. On their blog, you can read papers written by the writers and see how they work.

Types of papers, subjects and academic levels

For this MyAssignmentWriting review, we also took a very close look at what exactly the company can offer to its customers. The answer is more than just satisfactory because the list on the MyAssignmentWriting site is basically filled with all paper types and services, and includes writing, editing, and proofreading.

When it comes to academic levels and subjects, the variety is never-ending. There’s no full list about the subjects this company offers help with since, according to the website and reviews, they offer help with ANY subject for any level.

Prices, order form and methods of payment

The next on our list of evaluation tasks for this review of Myassignmentwriting was to learn about prices and payment on this website. What we expected from our testing for this MyAssignmentWriting review were high rates that would somewhat justify that high reputation. To pay excellent and highly rated writers like those students to talk of in their my assignment writing reviews, the company would have to charge a lot. prices
We were wrong about this. This was the part of our my assignment writing review that surprised us most – their prices aren’t all that high. In fact, they are average even without the discounts, which of course, also exist.
A ten-day, a standard quality essay has a cost of A$25.07 for a page. Add the ‘lucky14’ discount code to it, and you get extra 14% off the full rate for the first paper. This is an excellent chance to see why My Assignment Writing is so popular in the first place.


If you take the time to read some of the many, many of my assignment writing reviews, you’ll learn why students love the company as much as they do. They praise the support and enjoy the discounts, but the thing that attracts students most to a company is the quality of service.

This, of course, is a result of the writers the company has hired. In the case of my assignment writing, the writers are very qualified and all hold high degrees, either Master’s or Ph.D.

Paper quality

After everything we read about the company, we had our expectations set highly. We weren’t wrong this time, which was a relief after looking at so many companies that use tricks to attract students to buy more.

This isn’t such a company. The paper quality of our order was beyond good and we only chose the second quality option. The third and highest option is usually used by those of the highest academic levels.

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Finally, to complete our my assignment writing review, we gave the support a chance to prove itself to us. Students had only great words to say about the support, an opinion that we now also share after talking with some of their agents.

To test the different communication methods, we reached one agent on the phone and one on the live chat. We decided to skip the email option since these two are much more popular and basically instant.

In this case, they are literally instant. You can hardly find a popular company that has enough agents to handle all customers’ questions, but we received fast responses the two times we reached out. The agents were both professional, friendly, and very informed.


Among the many Australian companies that deliver papers in return for an investment, this is one of the most widely popular ones. In this review, we’ve discovered the reasons for such popularity. The prices aren’t among the cheapest overall, but they are definitely some of the cheapest that can result in amazing and undisputable quality on this busy market. The company has impressed us with writers’ and agents’ quality, as well as versatility in terms of services, academic levels, and subjects.

Date published: 15/04/2019
9.8 / 10 stars