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Trust Us to Find the Best Essay Writing Service in Australia
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BigAssignments Review

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Rating of BigAssignments is 5.5 / 10

The key characteristics: legit service, average prices, bad quality of papers..

bigassignments review

Find academic assignment helpers at BigAssignments. On this site, you will find writers who will ease the school workload and at a reasonable fee. Let`s face the naked truth here. Balancing between social life and school work can be tricky. Why undergo all the agony whereas you can find a helper who will ensure you submit your assignments on time?

This will also help make sure you attend the classes as expected without missing out on any class. This company can be the ideal academic helper you have been searching for. We took the time to review big assignments services that company offers. Click here to find what we found out about the writers at big assignment help in Aussie and the website in general.

Big Assignments Design and Ease of Use

The writing company in Aussie has designed and developed a website where you can view some of the services that they offer. We found out that the site is not user-friendly at all. The reason we say so is that you have to dedicate lots of time to find out crucial information about the website. Why do we say so?

The web content comprises lengthy paragraphs making it hard and unfriendly for people who just want to find the information easily. Clients might not have so much time left to read an “essay like” web content and decide whether to hire the writers or not. Providing short and to the point, content is a better approach especially where your clients have limited time and in this case the students. Therefore, overall, the content is poorly displayed.

Another shortcoming we came across while analyzing the site was wrongly placed pages. Normally, clients will check for the “About Us” page to find out about a company they want to do business with. Therefore, this should be visible clearly to make it easy. This company has decided to place the “About Us” webpage under the “More” tab making it hard to find. Imagine what a first-time visitor wants whenever they click on that link? They want to be able to identify what the company is all about. Therefore the about us page is a crucial part of any website.

Services Offered

We found only eight services being offered by the company and these include: Assignment writing, proofreading, Editing, Math/Service, Copywriting, and rewriting dissertation and resume services. We didn’t find any mention of essay writing or academic research services. It was our assumption that these services are not offered by the writers that are available on this site.
The services are described further on dedicated pages. To access the service description, you need to click on the service itself and read the price as indicated on the page. We could not find a general description of services offered and so we had to read about this under the individual tabs. To confirm the pricing, you can click on the prices tab and populate the form provided.

Special Offers, Discounts and Price

The big assignment writers will offer you several free services. These include limitless amendments, a bibliography, Title Page and a plagiarism report at absolutely no charges. There is an estimate of the total project cost given under the services view. To see this, you will need to click on the service and check the prices. prices

According to the information we found on BigAssignments prices, there are three factors that go into account to come up with the total cost of the service. These include: how fast the paper will be needed, the number of pages needed and the year of study of the student. Once you determine these factors, you will now be able to tell the price.

The Quality of Services

BigAssignments offer samples so that the customers can get an idea about the quality of the work done here. Thankfully, the service site has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews regarding the quality of the content. A BIGassignments review states that the received content was free from plagiarism and good.

However, you will also see a lot of reviews from unhappy customers who were expecting so much more. Apparently, the company hires legit and qualified writers; but, the main website does not mention the type of qualifications. We do not even know whether the person writing your paper is a native-English speaker or not. This aspect makes things dicey.

Support Services

The company has 24/7 support if what we found on the website is anything to go by. We didn’t find any chatbot popping up or asking what we were looking for during the time we were reviewing the website.

Is BIGassignments legit?

While the website consists of contact details like email addresses, telephone details, and a live chat option, there are still some lingering doubts about the legitimacy of BIGassignments. One BIG Assignments review states that there is no information about the number of writers the company has. On top of that, you also do not know about the qualifications of the writers.

But for a company that has been operating for so many years, there are plenty of reviews stating that the writing service has been truly doing well. But, the company can definitely do better in establishing its legitimacy to its customers by providing security measures about money transactions, personal information about the customer, etc.

Is BIGassignments reliable?

According to the website, has been operating for a decade now, which would give most customers a feeling that the company is reliable. However, a lot of Big Assignments reviews from students mention that the quality of the services provided is not up to the mark.

The writing service site claims that if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the work, their money will be returned to them. However, the reviews tell another story; students faced a hard time to get their money back, even after they reported their dissatisfaction with the quality of the work. This single aspect is enough to say that BIGassignments are not as reliable as most people would think when it comes to delivering quality content.


The first thing that you might want to check whenever you are hiring writing services is the prices charged for the service. However, don’t be carried away by the low prices, read the online reviews to find out about the writing company.

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