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Trust Us to Find the Best Essay Writing Service in Australia
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Don’t Trust Fake Reviews!

When you’re about to order papers from a service you’ve never used before, the first thing you do is go through its website and check the prices. Then, you start wondering: “is this really a reliable essay writing service? I should probably look for reviews.” The founders of writing services are aware of your instincts. That’s why they want great reviews all over the web. There are two types of services in this aspect:

  • Those that try to earn the respect of their customers by producing high-quality content for every single order. As a natural consequence, they get great reviews by trustworthy reviewing services and the customers themselves.
  • Those that start their own reviewing websites or pay other reviewers to recommend them to the readers. They give them percentages of the orders placed through affiliate links. Needless to say, these reviews have FAKE written all over them.

The conclusion is obvious: you don’t want to trust paid reviews because they are not telling you the truth. But, how can you tell whether a review is fake or honest? We’re here to solve that dilemma for you.

Signs that Reveal Fake Reviews vs. Signs of Trustworthy Reviews

Fake: Affiliate Links and Calls to Action

When you notice that the links, which guide you to the particular website being reviewed, have been altered with an affiliate code, you should be warned. The reviewers are getting part of the full payment you make through that link, so all they want is to earn money. Naturally, they won’t tell you all the truth.

Even if there’s no affiliate link, but you notice calls to action like “This is the best service ever; don’t waste your time and order your paper today,” you should stay away from those reviews are search for more reliable ones.

Honest: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you notice that the reviews are not completely positive or negative, you’re on a good track. An honest reviewing service showcases all advantages and disadvantages of a particular service, since it’s not paid to promote the review.

Fake: Extreme Claims

When you read a fake review, you notice tons of exaggerated claims. A certain service is the best one ever. It has the most attentive customer support team, fastest delivery, most reasonable prices on the market, and top quality. The other reviews on the site are usually too negative. This means that the “reviewers” are trying to promote a certain service and create bad reputation for its competition.

Honest: Realistic Reviews Based on Experience

A truthful review doesn’t simply evaluate the features of a website. It’s never extreme. These reviews only share the actual experience the team had with the service. You will find honest evaluations about the customer support team, ordering process, prices, as well as the quality of the paper they received.

Fake: No Transparency

If you can’t leave a comment under a review, or you find out your comment has been deleted shortly after you posted it, it means that the reviewing service doesn’t want your opinions. It only wants to convince students to buy content from a particular writing service.

Recognizing Honest Reviews

Now that you know how you can reveal scamming reviews, here are few signs of evaluations you can trust:

  • A single review can be both positive and negative. A certain service may have great customer support, but the papers may lack quality. Honest reviewers are not holding back to tell the truth and deliver final opinions that seem neutral.
  • Good reviewers order papers. They want students to know what level of quality the company delivers, so they make actual orders before sharing impressions with the readers.
  • You can easily submit comments, and they will still be there if you check the website a couple of days later. The main goal of a great reviewing service is to attract students to share recommendations, so everyone can rely on the experience of real customers.
  • No call to action and no affiliate links. Believable reviews only share general and specific impressions. Then, you’re left with your own decision to make.

Unfortunately, the reviews for essay writing services are not always as reliable as you would like them to be. You’re lucky, though, since you found a reviewing service that has a noble goal: helping students to make smart investments and allowing them to participate in the community with their own contributions.